GENIFAB was mandated by the company HMI Construction to produce the manufacturing drawings of the stoplog and embedded parts (gate and stoplog). In addition, GENIFAB was responsible for the design of the stoplog storage supports and the design of the superstructure. We also made the integration of all the elements of the spillway in order to validate the interferences and to carry out the general layout plans of assembly on the site.

  • Engineering and drawings of the storage support for stoplog;
  • Manufacturing and installation drawings for stoplog;
  • Manufacturing and installation drawings of embedded parts of stoplog;
  • Manufacturing and installation drawings of embedded part of gate;
  • Engineering and fabrication and installation drawings of the spillway superstructure (towers, bridges, shelter);
  • Finite element analysis of the gate;
  • General layout drawings of the entire spillway and integration of all equipment with the superstructure;
  • Verification of the drawings of the winches and gate made by the customer.

The Romaine 3 spillway project is a large-scale project that required the coordination of several stakeholders, including the customer’s design team and  GENIFAB’s team . The integration and coordination of all stakeholders was the main challenge of this project.

  • Width of the hydraulic passage = 10.4 m
  • Height of the gate = 18.5 m
  • Dimension of the stoplog = 2.5 x 11.4 m

Project name

Romaine 3 - Embedded parts and stoplogs



HMI Constructions Inc.



Romaine 3, QC