GENIFAB has been working in the field of Industrial Structure since its founding in 1986. We have participated in the construction of several types of equipment such as the design of ferry landing stages, lifting structures, temporary structures and movable bridges.

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Docks are used to allow the loading of people, equipment or vehicles aboard ships.  For ferries, they generally consist of an overhead frame and a lifting system to raise and lower the pedestrian or vehicle boarding ramps.  As for ship loaders, they consist mainly of a tower or gantry structure moving on rails and equipped with conveyors or winches for loading equipment or containers.

GENIFAB has worked on several jetty projects for the inspection, analysis, design or drawings of these structures and mechanisms.

Our team can inspect your equipment, analyze the residual capacities of the structure, verify compliance with current standards, propose solutions for refurbishment or for new equipment, and carry out the entire detailed engineering.

We are able to carry out for you the design, the analysis and the inspection of lifting structures, not only for the hydroelectric field but also for any other industry.

– The lifting structures can be of several types:

– Spillway superstructure (towers, bridges, shelters);

– Supporting structure of a bridge crane;

– Monorail or bi-rail girders for winches;

– Gantry cranes;

– Aerial frames for boat docks, etc;

GENIFAB’s team has participated in the design of several major spillway superstructures including the SM-3, Romaine 3, Duncan Dam and Wuskwatim dams to name a few.

Platforms, walkways and stairs are structures widely used in all types of buildings. GENIFAB has completed many projects with this type of structure.  GENIFAB’s team can perform the complete design including connections and detail drawings.

In addition, GENIFAB has specialized drawing software such as TEKLA Structure, which allows it to provide all the digital files required for manufacturing (kiss files, dxf, nc files, etc.), thus saving on the manufacturer’s costs.

During construction, temporary structures are often required to ensure the safety of workers, to allow for the handling or transportation of equipment, or to ensure the stability of existing or future structures.

GENIFAB can design these temporary fixed or mechanized structures for you.  Whether it is for the design of a lifting beam, a work platform or temporary bridges, GENIFAB can help you carry out your project in whole or in part.

GENIFAB has a highly qualified team, combining engineering expertise in the design and modeling of heavy recognized since 1987 in the design and modeling of heavy mechanical and structural elements and structural elements related to the field of movable bridges.  GENIFAB has carried out numerous mandates in Canada and the United States for bridge owners such as the St. Lawrence Seaway, Parks Canada and the Port of Quebec.

For many years, GENIFAB has carried out the inspection, characterization and design of mechanical and structural systems for movable bridges for numerous firms, principals and contractors.

Whether for bascule or swing bridges, GENIFAB has unique expertise in Canada and can help you evaluate the load-bearing capacity of your bridge as well as carry out mechanical inspection, alignment, balancing and design according to the S6-06 standard.