GENIFAB CONSULTANTS INC. uses the most recent technologies to offer its customers inspection procedures that reflect the reality and condition of the critical elements, components and systems of your installations. Whether it is for an external equipment or structure or underwater, we will help and support you in your analysis.

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Structural inspection is one of the specialties of the GENIFAB team. The reliability of the behavior of structures is often critical for their users and their failure can have serious consequences.

GENIFAB can carry out structural inspections of civil works in order to detect defects affecting structural elements and to enable owners to take the necessary measures to ensure the safety and comfort of users. The objective of inspections is also to extend the useful life of the structures and to collect all the necessary data for the planning of interventions.

We have all the necessary equipment allowing us to characterize the structures in order to verify their residual capacities by numerical analysis.

In addition to structural inspection, GENIFAB has a complete heavy mechanical department that can inspect your mechanical systems. We are mainly specialized in the inspection of mechanical systems of movable bridges locks, spillways and boat piers. We can inspect any mechanical system such as winches, gears, bearings, pulleys, pivots, etc.

We have all the expertise and equipment necessary to perform the following inspections

– Laser inspection

– Magnetic particle inspection

– Ultrasonic inspection

– Measurement of gears

– Measurement of residual thicknesses

– Underwater inspection with ROV