The GENIFAB team has carried out numerous tenders, performance or detail plans and specifications. We have worked to carry out detailed engineering from performance plans and specifications for many contractors for major heavy mechanical, structure and bridge projects. We are therefore very well positioned to produce performance plans and specifications or detailed plans and specifications ready for fabrication for principals and owners.

Do not hesitate to contact us to take advantage of our unique expertise and obtain information for the realization of plans and specifications for all your projects.  We have numerous references that we can provide to you that will confirm our ability to manage a multidisciplinary team for all aspects of project realization.

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Accuracy in estimating project costs is a crucial step that can make the difference between success and failure, and even abort a project.  What distinguishes GENIFAB from traditional engineering firms is that we have performed detailed engineering on many projects for contractors and we are well positioned to accurately estimate manufacturing and installation costs.

We have performed many cost estimates for civil contractors and owners and our success in this area is unequivocal.  In addition, our practical experience and attention to detail make GENIFAB an ideal partner in controlling project costs.