Our services

We offer several Services

Expert advice service

Our team of experts can help you implement a management system that will allow you to better handle your engineering and construction projects, present better claims, and efficiently resolve your claims. Implementing a management system ahead of your projects will prevent bad surprises from happening, and increase your management efficiency. Our team can also help in claim preparation for various industrial projects, as well as be an expert witness in the litigation process (mediation, arbitration or other).

Finite element analysis

The Finite Element Analysis (FEA) method consists of solving a complex problem by dividing it into simpler problems. This in order to optimize the success of a project while reducing costs and the risk of failure.

Industrial structure

GENIFAB has been working in the field of Industrial Structure since its founding in 1986. We have participated in the construction of several types of equipment such as the design of ferry landing stages, lifting structures, temporary structures and movable bridges.

Mechanical design

GENIFAB has been working in the field of heavy mechanics and industrial mechanics since its founding in 1986. Our team is made up of mechanical engineers and technicians . We can therefore work on civil projects including a mechanical component such as movable bridges or the design of hydromechanical equipment, as well as for purely mechanical projects.


GENIFAB puts its expertise developed over the years in the field of steel to the service of the manufacturing sector. We have carried out numerous projects in different types of industries, in particular for the naval, food and wood processing industries.

Industrial and process

GENIFAB CONSULTANTS integrates the most recent technologies of design and 3D drawings as well as a rigorous practice for the realization of the projects.

Technical Specification

The GENIFAB team has carried out numerous tenders, performance or detail plans and specifications. We have worked to carry out detailed engineering from performance plans and specifications for many contractors for major heavy mechanical, structure and bridge projects.


GENIFAB CONSULTANTS INC. uses the most recent technologies to offer its customers inspection procedures that reflect the reality and condition of the critical elements, components and systems of your installations

Failure study

GENIFAB has carried out several failure studies on mechanical or structural systems on behalf of contractors or principals.

Site supervision

Establishing a monitoring plan, managing communication between the various stakeholders on the site and keeping a site diary are all elements for which our team can help you to ensure the success of the project.