The Keenleyside project was carried out on behalf of the company HMI Constructions Inc. and consisted mainly of repairing the spillway superstructure in order to bring it into conformity with current seismic standards. The superstructure of the spillway consisted mainly of 5 towers supporting the bridge and the shelter of 4 cable winches for the operation of 4 spillway gates. An extension to the shelter of the existing winches has also been added.

  • Reinforcement of the surface spillway tower structure;
  • Addition of an extension to the surface spillway winch deck e ;
  • Addition of maintenance platform and monorail winches for the spillway bottom gate lifting system;
  • Design of connections and shop drawings;
  • Shop drawings of the bottom spillway winch pulleys;
  • Finite element analysis of the bottom spillway winch pulleys.

The challenge of the project lay mainly in the fact that the dimensional survey as well as the repair work for the towers had to be carried out without removing the metal coating on the towers and therefore in limited space. In addition, the columns of the towers of the existing superstructure had a significant eccentricity which required several precautions when strengthening the towers. The complexity of the project also lies in the fact that a spillway structure must be analyzed in different configurations for each gate and each loading case.

  •  $ 5M project.

Project name

Hugh Keenleyside Evacuator



HMI Construction / BC Hydro



Castlegar, BC, Canada