We were mandated by the Société des Traversiers de Québec to carry out the structural and mechanical inspection of the landing docksin Quebec and Lévis, mainly the inspection of the cable lifting system. We also performed the electrical system inspection.

  • Inspection and survey of the lifting gantry (tower and bridge);
  • Inspection of pulleys and lifting cables;
  • Inspection of the main (ramps) and secondary (deck) winch including inspection and measurement of gears, drums, brakes, motors, clearances, alignments, magnetic particle inspection, etc .;
  • Measurements of the movements of the lifting gantry (aerial frame) affected by the RAG;
  • Inspection of boarding ramp pivots;
  • On-site correction of some urgent problems.
  • Inspections carried out over a short period in order to minimize the impact on operations;
  •  Coordination of the various disciplines (electrical, mechanical, surveyor, etc. needed for inspections
  • Difficulty of access certain components requiring dismantling and interventions of our mechanics
  • The inspection schedule had to take into account not only the maintenance of service of the ferry but also the tidal level.
  • Docks dating from 1973

Project name

Inspection of the Québec-Lévis ferry docks



Société des Traversiers du Québec