For this project GENIFAB did the design, finite element analysis and detail drawings for a hydraulic turbine manufacturer for the hydroelectric sector. The design must be validated by a calculation note and signed by an engineer of the Order of Engineers of Ontario. Our team is made up of several designers who work on SolidEdge and who can help your business meet your temporary needs in the field of engineering.

Our team already has experience in the hydroelectric field and we are a partner of choice to help you achieve your projects.

Design a circular walkway and a feed walkway attached to the precise support points of the existing turbine. The design is carried out by a team supervised by the project engineer. The designer draftsman must create the 3D models and the detail drawings from the location points and the dimensions of the turbine. The assembly and installation procedure is provided with the drawings.

  • Model Complexity;
  • High quality level required for this project;
  • Engineer accredited by the order of the province of the end customer.
  • Training of our designers in the customer’s design standards and products.

Project name

Engineer, designer



Turbine manufacturer